2 Thoughts on Work and Worth

Rainbow Row“, just completed! Prints available on Etsy.

Je travaille…. non! ????? {I am (not) working!}

Lettering and painting and for filling Etsy orders might be “work”, because I sometimes get paid for it, but that does not make cleaning, cooking, shopping, counseling, hostessing, reading/researching and gardening…

…any less “work”.

Nor less pleasurable.

Below, some of the “work”  I have been into this week: a watercolor, made into  some prints of Charleston’s charming Rainbow Row,  and some prayer journals to go in welcome packages for a ladies’ conference.

Enjoy the  creativity in the world around you, and the creativity inside you, imbued by your Creator.

Prints and more are available on my Etsy,  @Grace Under Pressure SC

With kindest regards,



Some of the prayer journals:


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