The One Thing Worth Doing…Badly.

Love something – music, art, writing, gardening? Then DO IT.

Even if you do it badly.

Do life. Even if you do it badly.

The things worth doing in life – the beautiful, good and true which enrich it – are worth doing for the beauty, the serenity, the heavenly-ness which they bring to our lives and to the lives of others, even if you are, well, never very, very good.

This photograph, for instance, was taken nearly 10 years ago, with an old phone, not for photographic excellence, but to preserve a special moment in the heart of a mother. The stringed instruments being played here were not being played with brilliant excellence, but well enough to produce melodic sounds of some favorite classics.


G. K. Chesterton espoused that “if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” This “is not an excuse for poor efforts. It is perhaps an excuse for poor results.

But our society is plagued by wanting good results with no efforts (or rather, with someone else’s efforts). We hire someone else to work for us, to play for us (that is, to entertain us), to think for us, and to raise our children for us.

We have left “the things worth doing” to others, on the poor excuse that others might be able to do them better.” (Read more online at American Chesterton Society).

Go out, and make your life a little more beautiful, good, and true today. Even if you do it badly.

My focus.

Let me know how you are doing this in your own life in the comments, below!

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