Vote: My Brother’s Screenplay! ?

My brother, Michael, in addition to being an international investigative accountant and three time black belt, ? is also a writer!

His latest screenplay, “Dollar Down”, has won ? the Los Angeles film festival and is a semi-finalist in the Nice, France, film festival! ?

Now his screenplay is competing in the LA CineFest, which has an ✨audience voting component. ✨Here is where you can help:

Please vote for “Dollar Down” ? ⚔️? at CineFest – details:
Dollar Down
J. Michael Aiken
Best Screenplay
LA CineFest

“My screenplay “Dollar Down” has made it to the final four in the Los Angeles CineFest monthly film festival. The winner for best screenplay/script will be chosen based on a comibination of feedback from the judges and online voting.

I finished writing “Dollar Down” in January, and in February I started entering it in Film Festivals. Thus far, it has been fortunate to have won best screenplay in three film festivals in February:
Los Angeles Film Awards: Best Action Screenplay
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards: Best Screenplay Feature
Festigious International Film Competition: Best Screenplay Feature
“Dollar Down” has also placed finalist or semi-finalist in all the others but one. A win in this new competition, the Los Angeles CineFest, would help keep the momentum going. It is down to the Final Four, so it has a decent shot at winning if I can get the online voting support.

I firmly believe that I can have this screenplay produced on the big screen if “Dollar Down” can continue generating publicity through wins in film festivals. If God blesses this project by having it produced on the big screen, I will do all I can to involve each of you to the extent you would like to be involved in the project.” ~ JMA

❤  Thank you so much for doing me this fabulous favor…. and look for “Dollar Down” coming to your cinema soon! ??

With kindest regards,

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