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The World Is A Book

"The World Is A Book, and those who do not travel read only one page." ~ St. Augustine

As one who has traveled, I can agree with the noble Augustine. Travel does open your eyes, give you other perspectives on distance, culture, time, dress, scenery, governance, and so much more.

Travel can open your eyes to the scene of a beloved book so that you experience that book in new ways.

But...books are a way to travel, as well! See different lands, hear different accents, face different fears, experience different joys than in your own life, if it were without Story.

Books also have an advantage which travel does not: going back in time. The thoughts of someone who wrote, or lived, 3000 years ago can be held in our hands, or gather dust on our shelves!

I am currently "traveling" to Kentucky via Wendell Berry, Glome via C. S. Lewis, and Shakesperean England.

Where will you travel next - on Earth or in Literature?

With kindest regards, Nancy

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